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Abraham Greenspan

Abraham Greenspan was born in Mexico City on October 1, 1933, to Nathan and Tania
Greenspan. His dad was from Austria and his mom was from Poland.
His sister was Rachel Greenspan, wife of Manuel Perelman, who was a pioneer female
real estate broker in Brownsville.
Abraham got his law degree at The University of Texas, Austin. During the Cold War
period he served as a Captain in the US Army 8 th Special Forces in Panama. His mission was
secret. Later he was at Fort Hood.
Back in Brownsville, Abraham Greenspan practiced law and business in the US, Mexico
and internationally. He later became a professor of International Business at UT-TSC in
Brownsville. He also was the director of the International Trade Center here.
Abraham Alcon Greenspan died on April 13, 2010. He was buried in the Hebrew
Cemetery with US military honors.