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Ben Edelstein

Ben Edelstein was born December 14, 1925, and passed away on August 22, 2009.
He was born to Morris and Yetta Edelstein, who were pioneers in the Jewish community in Brownsville.

Ben Edelstein served in the Navy in WWII as a radar operator on the destroyer “Humphreys”. The ship took part in battles in the Aleutian Islands, Guadalcanal, Iwa Jima, Okinawa, and Leyte Gulf. The ship fought off Japanese strafing, bombing and Kamikaze attacks in support of the fleet.

Ben returned to Brownsville and attended The University of Texas, Austin. He went to work with his brother Ruben in Edelstein Better Furniture which had stores in many Valley cities. He is the father of congregant Morris Edelstein.