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Marvin Brown

Marvin Brown was born December 19, 1916, and died on November 26, 2010.

During WWII, Marvin was part of Naval aviation. He was an instructor of Naval pilots learning to land and takeoff from carriers. The pilots he trained were instrumental in turning the tide against the Japanese in the Pacific campaign.

Marvin Brown had his own airplane until his daughter, Millie Slaughter, took away his keys in old age.

Marvin was a businessman in Brownsville, owning a service station. He was a dedicated Rotarian serving as District Governor and named Paul Harris fellow. Marvin Brown chaired the Republican Party in Brownsville for many years. He was Past President of Charro Days.

Marvin was buried next to his wife, Bernice Kowalski Brown, in the Kowalski dedicated
plot. Attending the funeral was his family and others, including Ruben Edelstein, who was
Marvin Brown’s roommate at The University of Texas, Austin.

Millie joined her dad, Marvin Brown, in contributing funds for the continued
maintenance of the Hebrew Cemetery.

Millie Jean Brown Slaughter, Marvin and Bernice’s daughter, asked me to conduct the
funeral service, which I did. Marvin had announced on his death bed that he wanted to be buried in the Jewish tradition.