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Morris Lipsker

Morris Lipsker was born June 25, 1914, in Billings, Montana, to parents who immigrated from Russia. He grew up in Billings. After high school, Morris went to work helping his mom
with an apartment house she owned.
He married a local girl. Sadly, she died while giving birth. The baby girl was saved. Morris joined the Montana National Guard at the onset of WWII. He was sent to infantry training and was commissioned as a 2 nd Lieutenant. Morris was sent to the Army base in Hawaii.
Morris was transferred to an infantry unit in the South Pacific which fought battles against the Japanese in the “island-hopping” campaign. He was given a field advancement to 1 st
Lieutenant on his birthday in 1943. He wrote to his mom that he was gifted a coke and two bottles of beer, “The first in seven months”. After a year, he was given a field advancement to
In October of 1944, Captain Morris Lipsker was in the battle of retaking the Philippines. General MacArthur had returned to the island as promised. Lipsker and his unit fought until the
liberation of Manila. He returned to Billings after the war.
Morris Lipsker came to Brownsville in 1957 to start one of the first in-bond import- export businesses. He died June 28, 1982, in Matamoros at the age of 68.